DTox Type M Band burner timer

A shameless copy of the now unavailable PST timer, single function timer suitable for small rubber models, where simplicity and weight are key factors. Function activation is by hot wire (burning a rubber band).

Single function:  Hot wire burns through rubber band releasing user DT mechanism.
RDT aware:  Capable of accepting RDT input.
Auto power on/off:  Powers on when rubber band is tensioned on band hook, powers off when band burnt.
Programmable:  Programming via push button sequence, in 10 second and 1 minute increments, clock accuracy within 0.5%
Activity LED:  Provides visual indication of timer activity.
Charging port:  Battery can be charged without removal from model.
Lightweight:  Timer weighs in at 1.4 grams, for a total of 3.0 grams flying weight with recomended battery.
Small:  Only 15mm x 23.5mm requiring a cavity depth of at least 5mm to clear the band hook and board componets. Actual cavity requirements will be dictated by your prefered method of battery mounting/concealment.
Battery requirements:  The capacity of the battery is crucial to functioning of the hot wire burner. Not all batteries have the discharge rate needed. The recomended battery is a single cell Turnigy nano-tech, 60mah 45-90C, which has sufficient capacity to achieve multiple reliable burns on a single charge. A charger suitable for the recomended battery is also available and can be found on the accessories page.

DTox M Manual