DToxV4 - timer configuration application    (Current version 4.01)

DToxV4 is the Palmpilot application used to program DTox type P timers. It will not program earlier timers. All Palm models up to M515 and Vx have been tested and are suitable as they have an RS232 interface. Later model Palms with a USB interface are not suitable for use with DTox timers without modification to the programming cable.

DTox P & DToxV4 - Manual

DToxV4 - .prc application file

DToxV4 will only run when able to communicate with a type P timer.
If you would like to examine its functionality, download the demo version. The demo version may not contain all the features of the latest release, and should only be used as a guide.
The demo version requires Palm OS version 4.0.0 or greater and does NOT communicate with a timer
and connot be used to program.

DemoV4 - .prc application file