DTox Type P, multifunction timer
A multi function timer suitable for all flyers. Self contained, servo driven without the need for any additional wiring the unit offers up to four functions, provision for driving a second servo or ESC, accepts most RCDT inputs and equiped with a recording altimeter. An enhanced drop in replacement for aging Seelig timers.

The P-type is now supplied in upgrade format
Upgrade details

Four lever operated functions:  Typically: fuel shut-off, rudder, VIT and D/T
Unused functions (arms) can easily be removed.
ESC or second remote Servo:  A second channel is available to control a remote Servo or Electronic Speed Control. See the manual for the warning when connecting an ESC.
Onboard Altimeter:  Altitude aware, providing for enhanced functionality.
Record entire flight for later analysis.
RDT aware:  Capable of accepting RDT input.
Fully Programmable:  All functions and features can be programmed using most commonly available PalmPilot devices.
Battery Charge and Protection:  On-board charging circuitry enables much simpler charging options and protects the battery from both over-charge and over-discharge.
160mAh LiPo battery. Enough power for a typical days flying.
Typical 2.5mA current draw when at idle. NOTE: Due to postal regulations, Lipo batteries will not be shipped. A source for these batteries can be found on the accessories page.
LED indicators:  Provide visual keys to timer states.
0.1 second resolution:  Functions programable to 0.1 second, with activation precision of 0.01 seconds.
21 grams flying weight:  Complete with battery and lead, comparable Seelig timer is 38 grams.
11 mm thin:  Only requires a cavity 11mm deep for mounting. Required cavity dimensions: 55mm x 22mm x 11mm

DTox P Manual (rev 4)

DToxV4 - Type P configuration utility, PalmPilot application