Accessories for DTox FF electronic timers
The following table lists accessories for timers. Items not manafactured by me will have links to other sites (just click on the images), usually my original source for the item where you can purchase them directly, and if you follow the links and purchase, I get a credit. (Unfortunately, some items have been removed from this list as they have dissappeared from the Hobby King website).
Batteries: for P type 
150mAh 25C 5gm
P type Programming

$10.00 plus P&H
Cable pinouts
(front view)
(back view)
2 2
3 3
4 5

Batteries: for M type     These batteries seem to have disappeared from stock
   Similar batteries can be found, but are getting scarce.
60mAh 45C/90C 1.72gm
M type Charger: 
$5.00 plus P&H